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This page is designed to inform members of the events and services available to them through MCSIG. These activities are offered with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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You can also send email to Neil Hertsch if you have any suggestions for Wellness activities!

Fitness Center Discounts

2014-15 Fitness Centers

MCSIG Wellness Portal

Weight Watchers Incentive Program

Enroll in the Weight Watchers Incentive Program by completing the applications below.

Application (PDF)

Body Mass Index (PDF)


Wellness Coordinators/Ambassadors

District Staff Wellness Coordinator (PDF)

School Staff Wellness Ambassador (PDF)

Wellness Ambassadors - Current Contact List (PDF)

Wellness Advisory Committee and Ambassador Application (PDF)


The Wellness Program

MCSIG publishes the Livin' Well newsletter bi-monthly. Read to find out how to improve your health.

Livin' Well Issues . . .

September 2014

August 2014

July 2014

June 2014

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014

January 2014

December 2013

November 2013

October 2013

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Wellness Employee of the Quarter

The purpose of the Wellness Employee of the Quarter is to recognize employees who are working towards or have succeeded in improving their health, or that of their peers. Employees who make positive lifestyle choices deserve a pat on the back, because their efforts contribute to the overall success of our schools by serving as good role models for our children, reducing medical and sick leave costs, and increasing productivity and morale.

If you would like to nominate someone, fill out this form (PDF) and return it to the address provided. Good health benefits us all!


Wellness Program

Wellness is a choice – a decision you make to move toward optimal health.

The Wellness Program began in October of 1994 as the result of a growing awareness among employees and management the many illnesses and disabilities could be prevented through early detection and education.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the program is to promote and preserve the health of employees through a comprehensive Wellness Program. It is our unswerving belief that each person can enhance the quality of his or her life through a continual process of lifestyle and improvement and balanced living."

The purpose of the program is to provide a combination of educational, organizational, and environmental activities to encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and become better consumers of health care services.


  • Prevent disease through early detection and education
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve morale and productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover and replacement costs
  • Contain health care costs

Professional Staff:
The program is under the direction of the Health & Wellness Program Manager. The Manager's chief responsibilities are to design and coordinate wellness programs that protect the health our member districts' most valuable assets--its employees and their families.

Wellness Services:

  • An Employee Wellness Committee
  • Flu Shots
  • Health Screenings (blood pressure and cholesterol)
  • Health Risk Appraisals
  • Wellness Employee of the Quarter Recognition
  • Health Fairs
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter Livin' Well
  • Health Education Class Rebates (Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Yoga, Tai Chi, Diabetes Control, Asthma and Arthritis Education, Back to Health, Breast Feeding, Childbirth Preparation, Meditation, etc.)
  • Gym Membership Discounts (pdf)
  • Special Events (National Employee Health & Fitness Day, Great American Smokeout)
  • Educational Resources (Wellness Lending Library, Speakers Bureau, Pamphlets)
  • Worksite Environmental Support (e.g., release time to participate in activities, healthy food choices in the cafeteria and vending machines, bike racks)
  • Incentives

Who is eligible?
All employees, retirees and family members enrolled in any of the MCSIG medical plans are eligible.

How do I find out about what is offered?
The bi-monthly wellness newsletter Livin' Well! will list classes and up-coming activities. In addition, you may contact your Wellness Committee district representative or the Health & Wellness Program Manager for further information.

Will the program cost me anything?
The program is currently offered at no or low cost to all MCSIG members.

How do I start?
Interested members may register for activities at your school site or by calling the Health & Wellness Program Manager (831) 755-0161. Start today and practice what may be the most effective medicine of all -- the preventive kind!

"Keeping people healthy is just as important as caring for them when they are sick."

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