Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG)

Health Insurance




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Better Coverage

MCSIG keeps health care affordable with 100-percent coverage for in-network preventative care and most major surgeries, and no deductible for illness-related doctor visits

Wellness Programs

MCSIG's onsite health assessments and screenings, educational resources, gym membership discounts, special events, healthy-living rewards, and more encourage healthier lifestyles

Healthy Members

MCSIG is committed to providing better coverage and wellness benefits that protect the health of our member districts' most valuable assets — employees and their families


We provide health care to more than 50 entities in Monterey County and beyond — and we would love to add your city, school or college to this ever-growing number.

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Healthy-Living Rewards

Covered employees can earn up to $500 per year for demonstrating healthy-living habits

Health Risk Appraisals

Onsite health assessments promote preventative care and help employees stay informed on their health

Membership Discounts

Reduced fitness center costs and rebates for health classes help improve the well-being of employees

Health Care Reimagined

MCSIG is committed to providing comprehensive, accessible, affordable health care that promotes early detection and preventative care along with numerous healthy-living programs — all with members' wellness in mind. Since 1982, we have been providing a wide variety of health plans to fit members' needs and budgets, coupled with a friendly staff whose top priority is always you.

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